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The ‘Anarkali suit’ is named after the legendary lover Anarkali of Mughal Prince Saleem, who later became Jahangir. Anarkali means ‘pomegranate’ indicating the tender look that is infused into the wearer of the Anarkali. Once adorned and adored by the royalty, Anarkali dresses have come to be known as the definition of sophistication and allure. The combination of a soft silhouette, cinching around the waist and a gown like wide hem at the bottom makes the dress so special.

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The Anarkali suit is typically made of three pieces- the top, bottom and dupatta. The top is fitted upto the waist and then flows out into a long frock-style top. The bottom is usually tight-fitted and makes rings at the ankle, known as churidar. The Anarkali suit comes in various styles, colours, textures and embellishments and are a favourite among Indian women since they can adapt to any body shape. The long scarf or dupatta that accompanies this dress lends a very graceful look to this dress.

Best Occasions To Wear Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suit represents one of the absolute favourites and an undeniable fashion statement for all Indian women. Known for its versatility and range, the dress has gained a very special place in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Wedding And Bridal Wear

Anarkali suits were the favorite of the Mughal queens and empresses. This dress still imparts the royal sophistication and elegance in Indian women, which makes it an ideal choice for wedding and bridal wear.

Casual And Formal Wear

The magic lies in the style of the dress as it flares out from the empirical line unlike other salwar kameez. This inherent grace and splendor of this style makes it suitable for all body types and sizes. This aspect of the dress also makes it a perfect choice for all your casual, formal and semi-formal occasions.