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The salwar kameez is a versatile ethnic dress that has encapsulated the beauty of the Indian subcontinent through it's various styles and designs. Consisting of three main parts; the dupatta, the kameez (top) and finally the salwar (pants), it has a modern-day appeal steeped in ancient culture. A salwar kameez is an essential dress to have in your wardrobe.

Buy Salwar Kameez Online From India

Salwar Kameez is a generic term used for a dress made of two pieces. The top piece covering the torso is the Kameez and the bottom piece stitched for the legs is the salwar. The salwar or pyjama is held together by drawstrings. This term has its origin in Persia and Central Asia.

As one of the most adaptable of Asian dresses, the Salwar Kameez has long been a favourite with women in the Indian subcontinent who want to keep it simple yet classy. Curated for every whim of the modern woman, we handpicked pieces from every corner of India to create a beautiful collection of salwar suits online.

Best Occasions To Wear Salwar Suits

A salwar kameez is lively enough to be worn at any time of the year, yet it stands a class apart during the festive occasions and parties.

Wedding And Party Wear

A salwar kameez can be glammed up with elaborate designs to make a lasting impression at a formal party or wedding. From bridal functions to birthdays and similar events, salwar suits are versatile to fit with your sophisticated style. Our online store for salwar suits of ornate designs has a wide range of styles.

Casual And Formal Wear

A salwar kameez is among the most multi-faceted of Indian dresses. It can be subtle in appearance, making it ideal for a casual meet with friends, professional enough for office wear, or when required. Wearing cotton or work style salwar suit is both trendy and ideal for Indian office wear.