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Salwar Kameez is a generic term used for a dress made of two pieces. The top piece covering the torso is the Kameez and the bottom piece stitched for the legs is the salwar. The salwar or pyjama is held together by drawstrings. This term has its origin in Persia and Central Asia. Salwar Kameez has embraced trends and influences over the centuries and evolved as a graceful and versatile attire which can take care of all your occasions with aplomb. As one of the most adaptable of Asian dresses, the Salwar Kameez has long been a favourite with women in the Indian subcontinent who want to keep it simple yet classy. It’s multipurpose use and ease of wearing means the Salwar Kameez is equally admired by women of all ages, presenting them with a sense of chicness that is a hearty mix of traditional and contemporary. Curated for every whim of the modern woman, we handpicked pieces from every corner of India to create a beautiful collection of salwar suits. Vibrant prints and modern cuts for cool casual wear, traditional and designer salwar kameez with opulent detailing and Indian craftwork, or something in between. Our selection has options for every taste and aesthetic.