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An adaptation from the sanskrit word “saati” meaning “a piece of cloth, the ‘saree’ represents one of the absolute favourites and an undeniable fashion statement for all Indian women. Known for its versatility and range, the saree has gained a very special place in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. The saree is typically and unstitched cloth that is 6 yards in length. This garment gracefully drapes itself around women of any shape, size or height lending it the unique distinction of being the most versatile garment. Every corner of India takes pride in making sarees that are unique and native to the place. There are countless varieties of cloth, texture, themed designs and motifs, typical colors and speciality weaves that have developed as identities over several centuries. Some places also have special lengths for their sarees- example 9-yards in Tamil Nadu, 5-yards for Baluchari, etc. As if the sheer variety in the types of sarees itself is not enough, there are over 80 recorded ways to drape the sari- each style of draping unique to a place.